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How To Thicken Liquid Soap: Using Soap Base

Hi all.
this is kind of like a recipe i accidentally 'fell' into when i was frustrated wanting to thicken my liquid soap. 

Some of you may know that i preety much prefer liquid soap compared to solid soap. 

Its easier to use and hygenic. 

Unfortunately though; most natural liquid soaps are quite runny and i end up frustrated every time i use mine. I waste so much of it!

So i decided to try thickening it using soapbase.

Ive seen many recipes using 'solid and liquid soap alkaline" to make it look creamy (NaOH and KOH recipes). 

Theoritically the NaOH and fats reactions will cause a solidified soap, while KOH & Fats reactions will cause 'liquid soap'. 

A combination of it (with proper measurement (we did a lot of trial and error); it should create a more viscous product. 

Since i wanted something easier; i decided to use our own SoapLab's Soap Base. 

In this soap base we are already using NaOH (yes its handmade in SoapLab using natural oils and not detergents) and when i tested it the first time: the combination of KOH from the liquid soap and NaOH from the solid soap; it worked!

If you want to try this at home go ahead. However; make sure the soap bases you are using contains NaOH of it may not work. 

Here is How its made:

  1. Mix your soap, Scents, colors, extracts and leave it for 24 hours 
  2. if not thicken, heat up soap solution at 50 degrees Celsius
  3. add in 2-3% of SoapLab's Soap Base (depending on thickness)
  4. let the soapbase melt and leave it to cool down at room temperature
  5. Soap is ready to use.

Video How To Make:

Other Methods on How To Thicken Liquid Soap:

  1. Thicken using borax & table salt
  2. Thicken using guar gum
  3. Thicken using liq crothix
  4. Thicken using SoapLab's Soap Base
Thank you for reading;

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