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Make Your Own Traditional Soap (Grandma Lye Soap)

Want to learn how to make traditional soap just like how grandma used to make?

Here is what you need:
  1. 94.5g Coconut Oil 
  2. 94.5g Olive Oil 
  3. 31.5g Castor Oil 
  4. 94.5g Palm Oil 
  5. 10g Sweet Almond Oil (or can replace with olive oil 10g)
  6. 44g SoapLab’s Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) Pastilles 
  7. 105g Water  
  8. 17g Green Apple Fragrance Oil (optional only if you want scent)
  9. 5g Green Mica
  10. 5g Sparkle Bronze Mica (optional for color)
* you can click on each to buy individual ingredient if you don't have it at home.

The Method To Make Is As Below:

To view steps visually click here

Do Soap Lab Teach Classes?
yes we do. however our classes are all more for business formulation (for those who are interested to make for business). If its your first time doing this; i suggest you get our soap kit and try it at home first as joining class will cost your RM 650, while the kits are only Rm79 ( the basic ones). If you are doing for business click here

My suggestion; try it out at home first and once you are ready to do a business out of this and you like making soaps; only then join the class (p/s: our class is fully booked the next 4 months so its better you start at home first)

How Do I Start Making At Home?
you could either purchase the ingredients above individually; or you can start by getting this soap kit. With this kit you will be able to make 12 bars of soap (700g). Can make twice (350g each time) so if you can try making it twice. P/S: we are giving free 350g mold with it while stock lasts!  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

What If I Dont Understand?
You can always contact us in any channel here. Best is to whatsapp:-) Our customer service team will gladly guide you during working hours.

BTW! Get this ebook free. Its another easier method to make soap. You may like it:-)
use code: HPSOAP to get it free ya: Click Here To Download

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