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Which To Use: Cold Pressed or Hot Pressed Oils in Cosmetics

In SoapLab Malaysia; one of the most commonly asked questions is about refined vs unrefined. Ive spoken about shea butter here so do take a look at it when you can.

As for all the other oils; heres what it is.

As you are well aware; or if you are new to the 'natural' product making market; you would have seen all these jargons:
Refined oils, unrefined oils, cold pressed oils, cosmetic grade oils, food grade oils etc.

Today we will be talking about all these different types of oils..

Whats unrefined oils?

Unrefined oils are oils that are not refined. It means that when oils are extracted (cold pressed or hot pressed); its minimally being processed and therefore it retains its original 'nutrients' and form.

Pro's or Unrefined oils

  1. There are still more nutrients left in these oils (nutrient rich)
  2. Its more authentic to 'nature'. Ie avocado oil will still be dark green, sea bukthorn oil will be black etc
  3. Its minimally processed.

Cons of Unrefined Oils:

  1. Less stable as it gets rancid easily
  2. Can get smelly over time especially those strong smelling oils like coconut, shea butter
  3. Shorter shelf life. not suitable for business.
  4. The color changes over time especially when exposed to air
  5. may have organism inside (bacteria, fungus, bugs) just waiting to grow in your cosmetic products especially when in contact with water products.

Refined Oils

Refined oils on the other hand are oils that is being extensively processed to make sure that its 'clean' where impurities are removed and no particles like metals from soils, bugs etc are removed. as mentioned above; its 'clean'.

Pro's Of Refined Oils:

  1. More stable and doesn't get rancid easily
  2. Cleaner look ( its usually transparent vs coloured unrefined oils)
  3. Lower Price compared to unrefined
  4. Longer shelf life (perfect for business)
  5. No smell

Cons of Refined Oils:

  1. Less Nutrients

Cold Pressed Oils Vs Hot Pressed Oils

Cold pressed oils are oils that are excreted from the fruits or kernels of the oils using less heat (20-30 degrees Celsius) as compared to Hot Pressed Oil (30-50 degrees Celsius). 

Cold pressed oils when is marketed is sold as virgin and extra virgin;(food grade oils) whilst the hot pressed oils are usually sold as cosmetic grade oils. 

So what is the difference between these two?

The cold pressed oils are usually 'like' the unrefined oils and has the pros and cos like the unrefined oils; whilst the hot pressed ones are like the refined oils. 

Cold pressed oils are preferred as food grade as it still has its nutrients intact; while the hot pressed oils have lesser nutrients and therefore; its usually not preferred in food. 

What Do I Think?

For me personally; i don't find a difference between these two when it comes to 'nutrients' and cosmetics. 

First of all; its not like the nutrients' 'molecule' is so small that its going to get absorb into the body. 

Secondly; if you going to use these in soap; its a complete waste because your soap is on your body maximum for 2 minutes before you rinse it off; so why spend so much just so your 'drain' gets the 'benefit'?

Thirdly; most cosmetics are 'cooked'. which means if you use cold pressed; its gona be heated up and nutrients will 'die' too. So why spend so much more on cold pressed oils thats going to work exactly like a hot pressed oils; and not gona give any benefit to your cosmetics? 

Thats how i think; of course at the end; it depends on you and what you believe in:-)

So which is better?

At the end; it really depends on what are you purchasing your oils for? Are you purchasing for own use or business?

If own use; you have an option of refined and unrefined.

But if its for business; go for refined if you want a product with long shelf life.

Of course you can always go for unrefined too; only do explain to your customer that the product is not going to last long and use within 1-2 months of opening. Do the right thing and educate your customer about this if yoou want repeated purchases.

If you are using for personal; you can choose any.

But if you are going to make a product that requires heating up the oils; like Soap, Lotion, etc; then go for the refined cosmetic grade ones as the 'nutrient's' from the cold pressed; unrefined oils will be killed when you heat up and make the cosmetics anyway. so don't waste:-)

So this is all i have for today..
if you have any questions; please don't hesitate Contact us Here.

At SoapLab Malaysia; we carry both types of oils: Refined and Unrefined. If you would like to view the collection and place order; please click here. 

Thank You for Reading..


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