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Can i put more than one type of extract into my handmade soap/ skincare

This question was asked by one of our soaplab club member. She was wondering if she could add more than one extract in her soaps and skincare.

Now before i go on answering the question: let me just explain briefly about extracts.

Extracts in SoapLab; to date there are two types: powdered and liquid.

For liquid extracts; you can follow the description that is provided. 

Each extracts are diluted differently therefore the measurement to use them is different.

Bare in mind everything in skincare making is in percentage. So if you dont know how to change percentage to weight; click here to read how to.

For the powdered extracts; its depended on the supplier. so when you purchase any extracts from your supplier; make sure you ask them first about this.

Those available in SoapLab are pure extracts. Its freeze dried extracts and we do not add any 'bulking' agents therefore you only need to use a little in your skincare. All our extracts; we suggest to use them at 0.5%.

What if i want to add more than 1 type of extracts.

Here is when the 'fun' starts. Before adding them; you've got to understand why are you adding them?
Why only 0.5% and not more?

Here's the thing; these extracts are 'food'. although its freeze dried; but when its added into your skincare; it will be in contact with water etc; therefore there are chances for the 'food' to go bad. 

Example like strawberry extracts. These extracts are from Fresh Strawberries that are freeze dried and powdered therefore it will last 'longer' before its added into skincare. But when incontact with the skincare; its bound to mix with water in the formulation. 

This will then cause the powder to turn into 'food'. When this happens; it becomes exactly like 'food'; you cant keep it out long or it will spoil. Even with the addition of preservatives; it will still spoil in long run.

So we in SoapLab; we did microbial test based on our extracts; turns out when you add 0.5% or lesser; the product wont spoil for close to 8 months.

Hence the reason why we mentioned to put lesser than 0.5% in your skincare product.

What about the efficacy?

In terms of efficacy; since its freeze dried powder; the amount you are putting is quite a lot; more than when you put the real fruit inside.

Why not just use real fruits instead of extract powder?

If you are adding the real fruit; you will be turning it into 'juice'. Now juices have two component inside; a little of the fruit extract, and the rest is water. So what you are adding into the skincare will be more 'water' than the real thing. Freeze dried extract powders on the other hand dries up the water from the fruit; and you are left with only the pure extracts.

Can i Dry the fruits under the sun and make it into powder?

Sure you can. However studies shows that freezed dried powders retains more nutrients as compared to drying the fruits under the sun. Because of the heat from sun; the nutrients tend to break down

Can i use those extracts sold in bakery supply?

No. Only use cosmetic grade extracts like the ones sold in SoapLab. Most food extracts are added with bulking and sweetening agents.

So what about adding more than 1 extract?

Yes you can. however; you will have to divide the extracts so that when add all of them together; it will give you only 0.5%.

if you only add strawberry extract; you can add 0.5%

But if you wanted to add; Strawberry extract; banana extract, grape extract; it should be something like this:
Strawberry extract 0.2%
Grape extract: 0.2%
Banana Extract 0.1%

You want to add more also can but if you do; you will have to do your own microbial study on bacteria and mold growth in it. The shelf life will be much shorter than the ones we suggest. Probably only 2-3 months depending on how much you add. This you cant change even if you add more preservatives.

What are the list of extracts and functions that SoapLab has?

We have compiled all the functions of extracts in a pdf form which you could download. Download the list here:

Thank you for reading. Ill be doing a video about this in our Facebook Group: SoapLab Malaysia Club. Do join. And if you have any question that want me to address; join our FB group (dont forget to answer few short question when you request to join; only answered questions will be approved).

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