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How To Start Fresh Handmade Soap & Skincare Product Business In Malaysia

You’ve worked and saved probably for the past 1 year or more wanting to start a business in beauty care
 You are all pumped up on starting and you have no idea how to start.

So what do you do?

This is what normal people usually do:

  1. Visit OEM Factory
  2. Place order for your skincare (with high quantity) usually 10’000 pcs (Those genuine factory requires you to order at least 10-100k pcs). Those repacking fake factories sells at 300-1000 pcs. (i call them fake because most buys chemical, harmful product in bulk from Thailand or China and repacked in Malaysia.)
  3. Start selling

Many didn't realise this: having a product is one thing;

but the part most entrepeuner/ start up screws up is the selling part because they have not invested in marketing (facebook ads, give out samples, give out brochures etc)

Why not?

Because all their money is tied up to their products! and worst; now they are stuck with
products and no money for marketing.

So what do they do? Go back to work! and forget their dream!

Let me do the price calculation for you:

When you order 10’000 pcs of soap example; even if the soap price is RM 5;

its already RM 50’000 invested in products that you are not even sure you can sell! 

So what can you do instead?

This is where SoapLab Malaysia comes into the picture.

We decided to create an alternative for you. This is what you can do:

1)  Browse SoapLab’s Library on recipes that you like
2)  Make these at home on your own at minimum quantity
3)  Do marketing & start selling

and how much would you need to start this? around RM 200-RM 500

if lets say you had RM 50’000 fund to start your business;

you still have RM (50’000-200) = RM 49’800 for marketing and advertising!

But i don't know how to make:

Trust us! Most of our recipes are tested and many have started their Natural Skincare Business on the side using just our recipes and videos.

Its very easy to make and you don't have to attend any classes! But if you still need assistance; Contact us Here

We are more than happy to guide you:-) 

Heres somethings you can start with:
Our most famous recipe with lots of testimonials: The Aloe Rose Series

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