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Why Does Mica Color Separate In My Handmade Cosmetics?

Mica, is a mineral color pigment thats found on earth. Its one of the most used color pigment in natural cosmetic making and its just so gorgeous when used properly. Click here to read more about it.

Unfortunately though; just like all other natural ingredients; mica ‘behaviour’ is just unpredictable.

One of the most noticed and asked question by SoapLab’s clients is that why does mica sinks in after sometime? 

Well it sinks coz mica has very un-uniformed size. Some small, some big. And because of that; some mica particles are heavier than the others. Due to this; it sinks over time. 

But why does it only sink in some liquid and not all.

This depends very much on the liquid itself.

As example when u add mica colorant to soaplab’s serum base; the mica will definitely sink and give a small colored layer below. But if you add to SoapLab’s shampoo base; the same will not happen. 


Because of the liquid itself. 

Soaplab’s serum base is thinner, and so because the viscosity of the liquid is very low; the heavy mica color will sink all the way down due to gravity. 

Shampoo base on the other hand its slightly thicker; so the mica wont sink too much due to resistant from the shampoo base itself

How about solid soap?

Its the same. Melt and pour soap when you pour into the mold; the liquid is still thin and pourable; so the mica will sink down to the mould before the soap hardens. 

When you make cold process soap on the other hand; you will be pouring the color into the mold when the soap is on ‘trace: a condensed milk’ like consistency and since its thick; the colors wont sink down as much.

Will it harm anyone when this happens?

No of course not. Colors are used purely for aesthatic purposes and so its just not going to look nice. Thats all:) 

So what should we do to prevent this from happening?

Shake Well Before Use

The easiest way is to shake the bottle of cosmetic everytime before use. Its exactly like the medicine you get from hospital or pharmacy: shake well before use. They too use mineral ingredients inside that has the same particle size like our micas.

"Break" The Particles to Smaller Particles

Now this is a theory that ive always read. since the mica is 'big'; you can break it down to 'finer' particles. Usually you can do this using a coffee grinder. This is a practise used by those who does mineral makeup using these mica pigments. Ive not done it before so i cant really explain how this method is. If you do try it let us know:-)

Opaque/ Amber Packaging

Thirdly; if you are selling this; i would advice that you use a colored bottle instead of transparent bottles. Use amber color bottle instead. It looks much classier and very much ‘expensive’ looking anyway.

Control Thickness

Lastly; if you could control the thickness; make the soaps thicker. 

Most soaplab bases are thinner then the ones available commercially because its not a finished product. You will still have to add scents or essential oil. When you add scents; it will thicken the base (depending on how much you add). 

Previously we did try to thicken it before sending to our clients but what happened was most of them; when added with essential oil; the liquid became so guey and sticky that it couldnt pump anymore. Its just how natural ingredients react with each other and we couldnt control it. 

Hence we made it slightly thinner so that when u add your scents; its will be just nice. Just incase it doesnt get as thick as you want; you could follow this methods on how to thicken these soaps.

As for melt and pour soap; what you could do is to add mica color into the soap when the soap becomes cooler. Like around 50-60degrees celcius. 

That way the soap is already ‘thicker’ and when you pour it into the mold; the color will suspend gorgeously just like how it would in CP soap.

So here you go; i hope this article helps you slightly in understanding your handmade product:) please don hesistate to leave a comment if you have any questions. Thank you and have a great day:) 


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