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Soap Silicone Mold (1kg) - suitable for cold process soap & sodium hydroxide (malaysia)

Soap SILICONE MOLD 1kg (sold @soaplabmalaysia ) .

This is a soap/ skincare silicone mold. Its usually used by soap makers/ solid lotion / solid shampoo makers to make their products. .

This product is made using a thicker silicone therefore its more durable and long lasting. Very much suitable for those making cold process soap that uses lye (sodium hydroxide). .

Most of the time silicone mold though durable; may have interactions with the sodium hydroxide and over time: it will become very hard and brittle (the silicone mold). .

To use: simply sterilize it using rubbing alcohol. If you do not want to use rubbing alcohol you can also sterilize it with hot water (just like sterilizing baby bottles) .

To clean: wash with soap & clean water. .

To dry: air dry it. Do not use dryer as it may reduce the durability. .

Size: (8x 3.5x 2.5)inch. This silicone mold doesnt require any box around it as its hard enough to stand on its own. 

This mold is 1kg mold and gives about 10-12pcs of soaps after cutting (depending on cut size) .

When making your soap/ products, allow 10% allowance so that when the product dries; some water may evaporate out; reducing the amount of your final product. .

So if you were to make 1000g of soap, make about 1100g instead to give that 10% allowance. .

Heres some recipes you could try using this mold: click here

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