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Can We Add Vitamin C Into Oil Serum?

Can vitamin C be added into oil based serum?

The answer is not directly.


Because vitamin C is a waterbased ingredient and it works in waterbased environment.
Being in an all oil based environmnet; it wont melt and distribute properly. So its kind of useless to add it in just like that

Whats the alternative

It depends what are you using vitamin C for? If its for its antioxidant properties; then you could replace it with vitamin E

But if its for the other properties like whitening etc; then you could change the oil based serum to something like a cream/ body butter that has slight water phase and more oil phase.

How to do that

If you wanted to introduce water into an all based serum heres what you can do: mix water phase with vitamin c, mix this water phase to the oil phase and use emulsifier like emulsifying wax to mix the water and oil phase.

Heres a link on how you could do these kind of serum.

Hope this helps you to clarify your doubts on your ingredients slightly:) 

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