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How To Make Breast Milk (Mother's Milk/ Human's Milk) Skincare Ebook

Hi good morning.

Today i would like to introduce to you a new ebook ive created specifically for moms who has a lot of expired breastmilk. This ebook will guide you on how to make breastmilk skincare such as solid body soap, lotion, cream, balm, serum, mask and liquid cleanser.

Why Turn Breast Milk Into Skincare?

  1. Treat Infections
  2. Clear Up Acne
  3. Soothe Pain
  4. Soothes Rashes
  5. Lighten Marks and scars.

Are there recipes included in This Ebook?


How many page is this ebook?

22 page

Can i easily get the ingredients?

Yes all the materials are easily available in SoapLab Malaysia and we deliver worldwide.

What recipes are in it?

  1. Cold Process Breast Milk Soap 
  2. Breast Milk Lotion For oily and acne skin
  3. Breast Milk Cream for Dry and Sensitive skin
  4. Breast Milk Serum for All Skin Type (Extreme Hydration)
  5. Breast Milk Mask for Soothing and all skin type
  6. Breast Milk Facial Cleanser
  7. Breast Milk Balm for Nappy Rash

What Skin Type Can Use these?

All skintype including Sensitive skin, Dry Skin and Eczema Skin

Whose Breast Milk Should I Use?

Its better to use own BM for these recipe. It may be unhygenic to use someone elses. 

How Long Is the Shelf Life?

Depending on product the shelf life is up to 6 months.

How To Get Ebook?

Click Here:

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