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I cant Seem to have time to do my business! Heres What You can Do..

A lot of the moms here said tht one of the reason they cant start their business is because they dont have time. 

Unfortunately to start a business you need TIME initially. Its not gonna suddenly appear. In order to get TIME you need to sacrifice other TIME. 

I know its difficult to do that when you are a mom and a working mom but here is wht i did:

  1. i recorded what i did for 24 hrs for a week
  2. i segregated the time into 3 categories:

A) time wasting
B) important but not so
C) very important
Thn i 'outsourced' the A & B
Like when i started soap lab i just gt my baby 2 months old. So wht i did was i hired hourly part time help. To clean my hse and tc of my baby while i was doing my work. 
Thn i realized tht a lot of things i was doin was repetative; so i gt my helper to do tht repetative work ; like filling and wrapping postages for my customers and i spend time with my kid.

Over time all the money i gt i put it into the business where i hired more help. The only thing i did was to make sure my sales were consistent so i could pay these helpers, and i did the 'thinking' part of the business while my helpers executes it. 
Now i spend more time with my daughters (2 of them now) and create better memories before they grow up and dont want to b with mummy anymore :-(
So anyway: moral of the story is; find the 'time' you are wasting; outsource it; work hard to pay for the helper so you can have more 'time'. 
Everyone only have 24hours. You are not gonna suddenly get 48-72 hours. Find back your time! You have got to do the WORK initially!

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