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Are You Afraid Of Selling Your Products? Heres Something You Can Learn From..

Good Morning!
Today im gona tell you a story..
Not so long ago; i wanted to quit my miserable job and work from home because
1) i hated the politics in my old job (pharmacist in gov hospital)
2) i wanted to have control of my life and time
So thinking that i can do ‘ok’ since i come from business family; i started my own pharmacy: Skin Pharmacy in Subang
Only problem was.. i was too afraid to sell. I felt like no one would pay me so instead: i used to give everything free: even those creams and soaps that helps solves peoples skin disease!!
So because of that; i had to close my shop since i couldn't pay rent and lost close to 400k during that time (and lost of time coz we used to be open mon-sun 9-9 for 8 months. I literally didnt see any shopping malls)

So anyways: i was depressed and the worst was: i couldnt help more people! 
Imagine after few months closing down my old paying customers contacted me askng for refill and i didnt do it anymore coz i was so depressed and hated my self for losing all the money.
Until one day: one of the customer told me that ive basically changed her life. She could finally feel confident again because she didnt hv red marks on face. She wasnt scratching her self all day long like a doggy and people didnt look at her weirdly anymore.. thats when i realise that i have a ‘gift’. And i should ‘charge’ for this gift so that i can continue sharing this ‘gift’. Because you like it or not; you have got to charge and make some income in order to sustain and spread the word around.
So now here is the thing: ive seen some of you who sell your things. You are selling way to ‘cheap’. Yes i know you are afraid to charge high. Afraid of the rejection. But just imagine this: people are benefiting from your product. You are changing lives with what you have. By not charging: your story will be exactly like mine; the pharmacy that closed down and the ones who suffer will be : you and the people you can potentially help.

So heres what you do instead:

Charge. Charge what you are worth. Charge what your ‘product’ is worth.. in return: educate more people. Share to them the value you are giving. People wont ‘pay’ and understand you until they know what you can do for them. Show them what you are worth..
Example: people who have eczema spends close to rm400/ month on treatment and maintanence therapy. I used to sell the whole medication and maintainace at rm 50 thinking no one will pay. At the end: i had to close down coz i charged very low (below cost) and the one who ‘suffered’ is those who really needed it.. 
instead when i did my survey to my old customers: they were willing to pay more thn rm400 because mine actually reduce their symptoms and increase their quality of life.. 
Your product might be doing just that too.. so heres what you can focus if you already have a product business; what exactly is your product ‘worth’? Find out from your customers; how have your products improve their life? And if your product is not there anymore: how would they feel?

P/S: if people don't care if your product exist or not: it just means u didnt educate them enough so do your homework!

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