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Are Your Handmade Product Killing Someone Softly?

Yeay! Most SoapLab’s Ingredients has Lab Test Done!! 
Super expensive lab tests but its so worth it! 


Well when we started soaplab initially; we started by purchasing supplies from Malaysian suppliers. 

Unfortunately; most of them didnt have lab test with their company’s name. They used to take lab tests from online to show that thats how the composition of their ingredients are. 
Then there was once; i felt that there was something wrong and did lab test on my own on one of the ingredients; turns out it was adultrated! Had lots of heavy metals and it was dangerous to use! 
Imagine how i felt and how scared i was if whatever i sold will damage someone elses skin and cause problems like cancer etc! Lucky thing at tht time we just started and could refund all our customers and take bck!
Ever since then; we changed our suppliers and only got supplies from reputable sources in the US and other european countries.
Now purchasing from US have got other problems; its expensive, and its seasonal. I knew that i couldnt compete with other ingredients providers interms of price but i didnt care coz i could sleep peacefully at night knowing i wasnt ‘killing’ anyone with dangerous ingredients.
And i knew that i will still have customers who cares about quality like u guys. So thank you so much for your support! 
Its my dreams to have lab test done on SoapLab’s ingredients and finally after 3 years; we can finally afford doing it. We will be updating all our ingredients with lab tests in phases.. 

Why am i telling you this?

Coz i want you to know you guys are selling quality products when you are with SoapLab. Maybe u didn't know about adulterated ingredients before but i want you to know you are taken care off here in Soaplab and more importantly i want you to sleep well at night knowing that you are not harming anyone with the products you are making when you are with SoapLab . Again tq so much for your support 

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