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I Dont Have Enough Finances To Start A Business. Should I Still Start?

Heres another frequently asked question. 

Many people have this thought that to start business you need a lot of ‘capital’. Well thats not true! Not in this internet era! Its probably true years ago but not today!
20years ago; to start business; you will need a retail space, you have to fill the retail space up with products, and you need to renovate to make that place look more aesthetically pleasing. 

Once your shop is open; you will need to do banners/ signboard/ flyers to distribute around etc to bring customers to your shop. That time; you probably need half a million to start your business. And thats exactly what i did when i open my pharmacy 7 years ago.(BIGGEST MISTAKE IN MY LIFE!) I went into debt because of it!

But today its different! You dont need to rent and renovate your retail shop for 200k, you only need a free facebook/instagram/ blog: its FREE! Dono how to set up? GOOGLE! 

When you have a shop: you will need to fill it up with products or your shop will look empty; thats about 200-300k. Today; you only need 1pcs-5pcs just to take pictures! And when people place order; only then buy in bulk! You dont even need to buy a camera or background! If you are reading this you have a smartphone! Just take your product to any padang and take picture!

Then about bringing customers in; facebook/ insta ads (CPM) are literally RM 1.50 to reach 1000 people vs flyers those days was rm 1/pcs = RM 1000 to reach the same amount of people! 

But yes; using internet to sell takes time; but so does opening a retail store. In retail store you have to sit there 9-9 for customers to walk in for you to sell your products. You probably dont get paid the first year. But in internet busienss; you only need quarter the time; and you can still work your day job that gives you salary! All you need to do is get back home from work and work on this business 3-4 hours a day. (Just like how you would do if you open your own retail business; you still work 9am-9pm (9-5pm your day job, 5pm-9pm your online business) 

As for where to get the money? Well ive just outline how much you need. Safe to say you will be very comfortable with RM1000 as your startup capital. 

As to where to get the money? Save up! Make a plan and save! 

Even if you put aside RM100 every month, you can already start it in 10months! Reduce eating out, drink plain water instead of teh tarik during lunch time (can loose weight also), make your own coffee instead of Starbucks! 

And after that when you get the profit from your business; dont use it to buy your dream handbag or jewelleryput it back into your company! Remember that every dollar you dont spend after you start your company; is gonna multiply to 3dollars at the min end of that year!

You can do it girls..let me know whats your thoughts? Or if you have done it; how did it improve your life? How you did it?

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