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Can I Replace Palm Kernel Oil In Cold Process Soap With Palm Oil?

Can I Replace Palm Kernal Oil In Cold Process Soap With Palm Oil?

Heres a question i get asked a lot. The answer is; it depends..

When making cold process soap; we need to make sure few characteristics of the soap is met and two of the main ones are : hard soap, and soap that cleanses.

Palm kernel oil represents the cleansing character, while palm oil makes the soap hard. Palm kernel oil also makes the soap hard but unfortunately palm oil doesn’t cleanse (which defeats the purpose of bathing thn!)

So because of that; if you have palm kernel oil in your recipe, and you dont have the ingredient, no you cant substitute it with palm oil. Instead; you can change it to coconut oil instead as its as cleansing as palm kernel oil:)
But dont forget to run the measurement in the Soap Calculator because the lye amount you will need is slightly different. You can find soap calculator above (the menu bar) 

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