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Start Your Business With These Readymade Products

Hi all!
exciting news! SoapLab now have readymade products using all our best selling essential oils just for you to jumpstart your Natural Product business.

Very suitable for those who wants to start something part time.

You can purchase as little as one or you can buy it in bulk! (P/S: If you don't know how to start click here to download our free ebook for basic steps to start)

All products comes including packaging (in amber jar/bottle) and there are also options for you to get the labels done as well! 

This is specifically for those who don't have the 'time' to make their own products or are not confident to make it themselves.

These ranges are all tested and you could also request for lab test and KKM NOT under your own company's name (optional to add in whenever you want it at a cost)

Flavours Available

Currently we have few of our best sellers in sale:
  1. Lemongrass- For spa like feeling; calming, anti itch
  2. French Lavender- Calming & Anti itch, soothe inflammation
  3. Chamomile- For Eczema
  4. Pine Tar- For psoriasis
  5. Lemon- For brightening
  6. Geranium Rose- As Anti Ageing
  7. Tea Tree Oil-Anti Acne.

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