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How To Sell Your Handmade Product? Part 1

Heres a question that pops up daily in my email. ‘Yes Nisha, im so inspired to sell and i have been wanting to start this business for so long bla bla bla; but i dont know how to sell!’

And when i go to this person’s insta or fb or if they even have a youtube channel or blog; they will have probably less than 10 post; and its all advertisement like in 1990’s!

Guys! The world has changed; but you??

When it comes to selling; there is one thing you’ve got to do in this crazy technology world; and that is getting your potential customer’s attentions. 

Remember those days how we see ads in TV ; mayb dove, or maggi or sunsilk or anything like that? Well those days are gone. Previously big company can only grab people’s attention by advertising in TV, radio and billboard. And since it was so costly; only big company could do it. 

So how did smaller company makes sales then? By building relationships! Thats why the bakery or mini mart in your small town could survive. The owner knew you by name and you probably went to school with that owner’s kid. The owner probably even drove you to tuition occasionally

Now that was those days; in today’s busy world; people hardly go to shops anymore; and big company’s have dominated the ‘retail market’ and there is no ABC mini mart anymore, its speedmart run by nepalise/ indonesian instead. So there is no relationship there.
But the smaller companies are still emerging and doing well. How? 

Its coz they are using the internet! This is when you can actually divide your selling part to two: sales, and marketing.

Ill talk more about this next week if you want to know more since its a huge long topic! 

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