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Can I Use Cosmetic Fragrance Oil In Candles?

Can I Use Soap/ Skincare (SkinSafe) Fragrance Oil In Candle? 

Hi good morning. Heres another question that we get asked quite often; wether using SoapLab’s Fragrance Oil that is Skin Safe and specifically for cosmetics can be used in candle making?

The general answer is ‘YES’. Yes you can use the fragrances in candles. Most of SoapLab’s fragrances are strong enough to be used in candles. We have many variety of fragrances and from there you could make candles for every mood. You want something sweet; try the strawberry kiwi, or you want something milder that reminds you of the beachside, try creamy coconut. 

However; these fragrances have not been used in candles before therefore we wouldn’t know whats the smell like after its ‘burn’ since for candle; there is higher temperature involved.

Besides that; most skin safe fragrances are made using ‘oils’ and they are phtlate free. Therefore it probably wont evaporate much as compared to the ones used in candles . If it doesnt evaporate much, it would mean that there will be lesser smell, which kind of defeats the purpose of adding the fragrance oil. We recommend that you do your own experiment before making a bigger batch.

How about essential oil?
We have few people tested out our EO in candle making and unfortunately; it doesn’t smell good when its burned in candle. Some described it as ‘fuel-smelling’ therefore i wouldn’t recommend using the EO in candle making. 

All in all: in my opinion: i feel that you should use these fragrance and essential oil from SoapLab only for skin, and get your specific fragrance for candles as candles fragrances. This is because we have not done any experiment on candles before (on our own) and we don’t really know the effect:( besides skin safe fragrances are much more expensive than normal candle fragrances. They are specifically made for sensitive skin hence the higher cost. Its a bit expensive to be used in candles, don’t you think? Why use something that is RM30+ when you can use something that is RM5? (Easily found in carts shopping malls?) 

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