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What is Hyaluronic Acid And Where Is It From?

What is Hyaluronic Acid And Where Is It From?
Hi good morning all. Today we will be talking about hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is actually a polysaccaride that works as an anti aging product when incorporated into skincare. Today; HA is used in moisture boost product, moisture loss prevention product, as humectant and anti inflammatory

Actually; HA is already existing in our skin (meddle spinous layer) somewhere in the middle of our skin. Its found quite a lot when we were little and over time it becomes lesser and lesser. Since it has a very strong humectant (water retaining properties) where it can hold up to 1000x water vs its weight (means 1 molecule of HA can hold 1000 water molecule); it makes our skin much more moisturized, plump and smooths out wrinkles. Studies has shown that when one gets older, the amount of HA in the skin gets lesser; hence you get wrinkle and dry skin when you get older.

Dues to that, scientist started to recreate HA and now its available as a cosmetic ingredient (cosmeceutical). Originally HA was found in joints and eyes area of animals. But since we are a vegetarian store; we managed to find HA that was extracted out from yogurt. (Yes fermented yogurt has a lot of HA too!)

HA comes in many grades and different grades determines the absorption of the HA. The ones SoapLab uses in our HA serum base is a Ultra Low Molecular Weight; the one with the highest absorption.

The usage of HA depends on suppliers. Our HA’s recommended range is between 0.2%-2%. When you use it at more then 2%, the HA clumps to become gel. So if you want a HA gel, add it more then 2%. Again this depends on supllier therefore always ask what is the recommended usage rate from them.

Where is it from?
Most of the HA today comes from China. Even though SoapLab gets our supplies from USA, our supplier gets it from China too.

Hope you enjoy this post! In conclusion; add HA to your skincare or make it into serum because its a great moisturizing ingredient and works as anti-aging too:) if you have troubled skin like eczema or psoriasis; HA is great as anti inflammatory and it hydrates your skin too which means its perfect for your skin:) try it out! 

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