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Can We Use Rose Hip Oil In The Day (morning)?

After my last post on Rose Hip Oil here; we got many people asking us if rose hip oil can be used in the morning.

One of the reason there might be doubt on that is because of it’s vitamin A content and the similarity to tretinoin (retinol A)

Though; it may contain similar effect as tretinoin; Rose Hip Oil is not as ‘strong’ as tretinoin therefore it shouldn’t be a problem in using Rose Hip Oil in the morning.

However; the main concern we may have is that since the way rose hip oil works is by ‘boosting’ collagen production and ‘new skin’, our skin may not be ready to be exposed to sun since one of the way our skin is protected from sun is via the dead skin layer ( and since the rose hip oil boost new skin cell production; there may be lesser dead skin)

Therefore; its best to use a sunscreen for UV protection or your face may get pinkish and slightly ‘burned’. This is regardless if you are using rose hip oil in the morning or not. The reason is the skin is still ‘producing new skin from the previous use of Rose Hip Oil (maybe the night before) therefore its best to protect your ‘new skin’ at all times:-)

The best would be to use SPF 30 above as sunscreen in Malaysia. Click here to read more on how to choose your sunscreen SPF according to skin colour. 

Let me know if you have any thoughts..

Thank you for reading..


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