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What Is Rose Hip Oil & Its' Uses

If you wanted to make something that was anti aging; one of the ingredients you should look at is rose hip oil.

It has various ‘important’ components in it like: oleic acid, linoleic acid etc. But one of the most important component it has is: beta carotene and tretinoin precursor.

Beta carotene is something that is usually found in carrot (thats why rosehip oil is darker or reddish in color) and its a powerful anti oxidant. Beta carotene converts itself to become retinal and retinol (vitamin A) and therefore its great for anti aging.

Retinol, although mild; it is said to work like tretinoin (a medicine that can be easily found in pharmacy).

Tretinoin (retin-a) is a pharmaceutical ingredient that is approved to be used in acne treatment. It works by increasing collagen formation and alters ‘keratinization’, causing ‘new skin’ to come about.

Although studies is still ongoing; tretinoin is also believed to help in reducing wrinkles and pigmentation via the same mechanism of action as above (the whole collagen boost thingy).

Due to that; Rose Hip Oil is believed to have the same effect (a much milder one compared to tretionoin so will take longer time) but it still works.

What can we use Rose Hip Oil in?

After knowing how Rose Hip Oil works; we can easily conclude that Rose Hip Oil will be a great alternative therapy for:
  1. Anti Aging
  2. Anti Acne (though it may worsen acne first if you skin was prone to acne before. Same thing happens when one is started the Retin A (tretinoin in acne problem), will take 2-4 weeks to clear up)
  3. Pigmentation
  4. Keratosis Pilaris ( a condition called chicken skin)
  5. Psoriasis (probably as it will help skin to shed off fast)

Quite cool isn’t it? So if you have any of these conditions; do add rose hip oil (up to 100% but can get expensive) into your face oil. I personally dont like to use more than 20% as my face gets 'orangish' so i usually pair it with argan oil. 

If you want to make a face oil but not sure how to; we have many face oil recipe easily found at SoapLabMalaysia.com or you can WhatsApp 0126643817 for help from our customer service.

Fake Rose Hip Oil

Just make sure that when you purchase your oils; they are 100% pure and doesn’t contain any fillers. 

Usually; unfortunately; these oils are very expensive and to make it ‘cheaper’ suppliers or their suppliers will add fillers such as sunflower oil or any other ‘cheaper oil’. 

When we first started SoapLab we went through the same problem as well since we were looking for the cheapest source too. But after doing tests on our own and we realise it wasnt 'real' we decided to go for a more expensive and reliable supplier. Hence the Rose Hip Oil in SoapLab is costlier:-(  Luckily we didn't sell those adulterated 'Fake' Rose Hip Oil and did test cepat-cepat. Fuh!

So anyways; don’t be a victim and always ask your supplier about the content. Take care and hope you have a great day:-)

Thank you for reading; 

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