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Formulating Creamy Sugar Scrub Part 2

So for the purpose of making the creamy suspended sugar scrub; i decided to not put any ‘water phase’ inside. I needed something that doesn’t ‘dilute’ the sugar; but at the same time isn’t oily.

From my post yesterday; I’ve mentioned that using oil is the only way sugar doesn’t melt in scrub; however it becomes too oily and disgustingly greasy! Plus after sometime it will separate and you will have a layer of oil and sugar separated. I didn’t want that so i decided to reformulate and put in another alternative.

So i tried sorbitol. The reason i added sorbitol is because its 70% sugar content. Its probably ‘tepu’ with sugar so adding in more sugar it wouldn’t dilute it. 
Together with it i added beeswax and shea butter to make it a little like a balm texture. Bare in mind that by right; i know this is wrong. But just for the fun of it; i wanted to experiment and show you guys how wrong it is like in the picture!
Just FYI: beeswax is not an emulsifier, to mix water phase (sorbitol) and oil phase (shea butter) you need an emulsifier not beeswax! You will see a lot of ‘lotion’ recipe using beeswax as emulsifier. Well.. its wrong. Over time things will separate like in the picture

So anyways initially when everything was heated up; it did mix and become creamy texture. Was wonderful. And so i added the sugar and left it for 48 hours; and it separated! Sucks!

Then the same experiment; i changed the sorbitol to hydrogenated castor oil. 

Hydrogenated castor oil is actually a mild emulsifier and its and oil that easily emulsifies with water when you are showering and it will be removed easily from your skin. I did the same recipe; hydrogenated castor oil, shea butter and beeswax. Guess what? Same thing! Separation!

So heres the part 2 of the creamy sugar scrub formulation. Ill update part 3; the ‘real’ recipe hopefully (finger crossed as I’m still waiting for possible separation) soon. Wish me luck! So far it hasn’t separate. But I’m waiting before revealing to you guys! 

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  1. Hi Nisha i have made emulsify sugar scrub using ur Ewax it turns out wondrful. Tq


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