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Why My Natural Soap Doesnt Lather Well?

Why doesnt the liquid soap lather well?
Heres one of the question of the day; why does SoapLab’s liquid soap not lather much? 
Lathering means the soap should be ‘bubbly’ however; most ‘real’ natural soaps is not very bubbly; its more ‘creamy’.

Bubbles usually happens due to the ‘surface tension’ of the surfactants used. Some surfactant such as sodium laureth sulphate, lauryl sulphate, and few others more have larger bubbles as compared to potassium cocoate (made from coconut oil) or potassium olivate (the castile soap). Since the bubbles from these more natural surfactants are small; it looks more ‘creamy’ rather than big bubbles.

Cant natural soap have something with big bubbles?

Unfortunately; most of the ‘big bubbles’ surfactants are also very strong cleanser. Since its strong cleanser; it will also strip off skin’s natural oil causing the users skin to be very dry. 
Natural soaps are milder cleansers, so most has ‘smaller bubbles’ 

But i have sensitive skin and dont want my skin to be dry
You are in luck! Most of our clients are people with sensitive skin and eczema problems. Due to that most of our soap bases (liquid And solid) is made using milder natural surfactants. However, that also means most of it has ‘smaller’ bubbles that turns out to be more ‘creamy’ and not lather well. It doesn’t mean your skin is not ‘clean’. It just means its milder:) 

Hope this helps:) 

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