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What Can I Add Into Cosmetic Bases

SoapLab now has a variety of bases that you can use to create different kind of products. Its versatille and one of the reasons why we created them was because our client were seeking for a product that would cut their preparation time to half; and still enjoy it being all natural, safe and effective.

There was also another reason why we created bases; because many people who made the cream/lotions/ serums from scrtach at home didnt have the devices to measure or run a QC test to ensure the cleanliness and safety. Most of the clients who made from scratch couldnt prepare the ingredients in a clean manner; and because of that; most of their product couldnt last for more than 6 months or some even had a shorter shelf life even though they added the preservatives etc.

Due to that; we in SoapLab now make the bases since we have a 'clean' GMP room in our facility to do it.

So for our clients; all they needed to do was to use the bases as is; or they just needed to add additives like essential oil, fragrance, or extracts to make thier product uniquely theirs.

So back to the topic; what can be added into the bases? 

Fragrance & Essential Oil

You can add scents from fragrance oil and essential oil into the bases. The amount added depends on the function of the bases. If you are doing bodycare products; its usually 1-5% (depending on the scent you need and wether its soap or moisturiser etc)

If you are doing facial care; i usually go for 0.5% or lower as the scent can get a bit too strong and overwhelming. Since these products are near the ‘nose’ when you make a facial product;  it can be nauseating so stick to lower amount of fragrance.

When you are using fragrance/ essential oil, make sure that the one you are using are safe for skin and is something that is specificaly for sensitive skin. When we started SoapLab; we couldnt find a supplier around this region who carried these fragrance/ essential oils. So now all our scents are from US.


You can also add extracts into the bases. Again this depends on the concentration allowed by your supplier. Make sure you ask your supplier the range you can add in as different suppliers has different concentration for extracts. 

Like in SoapLab; the maksimum amount of powdered extract you can add is 0.5% as its very potent. 

Again its not the same between the suppliers. Some supplier’s extracts contains fillers (so it can be sold cheaper) therefore the amount needed to get the desired effects will be more. 

For those in SoapLab; since its very potent; and we dont add any fillers (hence higher price too!) you need to add only 0.5%.


You can also add colors into the bases. These are purely for aesthatic reasons. Sometimes i also add those shimmery mica when i make a lotion; especially the silver and bronze mica because it gives an instant glow to the face:) you can try out different colours and its effect on skin! You will go crazy ;D


If you wanted to make the bases stay longer or get thicker; you can also add some clay. I love to add clays to the lotion bases as it doubles up as a mask and moisturizer at the same time! We have many mask recipes that you can check out here.

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients are not very favourable for bases as it shortens the shelf life. Heres a post explaining why

However; there are occasion that we added fresh ingredients into our bases (in few recipes). You can try it out if you want to; but do you shelf life test. Usually fresh ingredients lasts between 3 days to 3 months depending on how much you add in. 

The best way to ‘check’ if its still safe to use or not is to send for a microbial lab test. You can contact us if you want it done;) 

I hope you find this article beneficial. If you need any help; please feel free to contact us or comment below:)

Thank you for reading!


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