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Can I Apply Essential Oil Directly On Skin?

Hi good morning.
Heres another frequently asked question wether essential oil can be applied on skin undiluted or as is.
The short answer is no.

Essential oils are considered potent and applying it on skin may cause severe reactions.

Usually its advisable to talk to your suppliers on how to use them. Like the EO from SoapLab; its advisable to dilute it with carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil etc first before applying on skin. How much to put depends on skin area but usually we stick to 1-2% for face, and up to 5% for other body part. You can click here to find out how to convert percentage to weight.

But having said that; there are people who swears by applying EO directly on skin. Again; that depends on your supplier. Some may already sell carrier oil diluted essential oil therefore its safe to apply it directly as compared to others.

But for me; i personally think that you can apply it directly provided you know what you are using it for.

For now; the ones I’ve tested applied directly and didn’t cause much problems are; tea tree oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil.
The others; we didn’t really tested it out yet.

Usually it depends on skin of users. Fair skin person usually have more ‘reactions’ towards eo as compared to other skin type. Most eo causes ‘sunburn’ and having fair skin makes it ‘easier’ to get sunburned; hence probably why these reactions happens.

Its best to conduct allergic test on your arm/ behind your ears (like this) 24-48 hours before using the EO directly. I personally feel most people will have some sort of reactions towards it since its very potent. 

Besides that; i personally think that you should know why would you want to apply the EO directly to skin? Is it for acne? Then yes spot application of tea tree or lavender would work. Or is it for migraine? Then applying 2-3drops of peppermint on your forehead may work. But other than that; why would you want to apply essential oils directly on your skin? Isn’t it easier to drop it into your skincare base/ oil / water before applying on skin? Isn’t that easier to ‘spread’ compared to applying it directly? 

Let me know why would you apply it directly if there is another reason ya:) thank you for reading❤️

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