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Can I Use The Bases Around Eye Area?

Hi good morning. Heres something we get asked a lot like if the bases SoapLab makes like the jojoba lotion base, or the shea olive base can be used around the eye area (as in becoming an eye cream). The answer is: yes but depends on how you prepare it.

Most of the handmade maker; despite having a really 'clean' preparation area, doesnt really have a 'clean area'. 

Yes i know you have followed all the procedure here to make your product and so on but at the end of the day; your area for making is not really clean. 

If you were making something for face or body generally; what you have is already clean enough. However for eye area; its better if you have a 'cleaner' room. If you have seen and entered any factory for eye preparation products; they have a separate 'cleaner' room then those preparation made to consume or those to be applied in different area of the body and face. 

Products made for eye preparation or IV are both done in a laminar hood chamber, as compared to other preparation thats usually 'outside' in normal clean room. 
Example of Sterile Preparation In Laminar Hood Chamber


Thats because you are adding it into an 'open' part of the body. Thats why you need it reaaaaly clean!

Things that is poured into your eyes needs to be more sterile than the ones you apply on normal skin. Basically when you apply it to your eye; there is no barrier between the outside and inside of your body. 

Its not like your skin that protects your inside from the outside. For germs/ chemicals to go into your blood stream; your skin needs to be really damaged or wounded and only then these chemicals/ germs can go in. 

For eye; thats not the case. The moment it goes in; its in. There is no barrier. 

But isn't Eating The Same? 

Then some will argue that isn't it like when we eat; it goes into your body straight? 

Nope it doesn't. because if you remember science; the moment the food goes into the stomach there is hydrochloric acid thats low in PH that will kill or alter all these thing. Even when you inhale the lungs has a defending mechanism. Only the eye doesn't have; so due to that; when you make something for your eye; it needs to be the cleanest!

Shouldn't This Be Only For Eye Drops?

Yes this is only for things applied directly in your eye; however; since we cant be really sure that 'nothing' goes into your eye/ absorbed; just to be safe: the best thing is that handmade products; don't make it for the eye until you solve the sterile issue.

What If I Use Directly The Base?

If you are using directly (the base); then yes you can apply it as we make these bases in a sterile condition. This means use directly from the container and not premixed with anything else or transferred to another container etc.

Which To Use For Eye?

Usually for lotion and olive shea cream base; i dont really reccomend you using it under the eye as its oil based product and may cause milia seeds around the eyes. 

Eye preparation are usually more of a water based ingredients thats filled with moisturising properties. SoapLab's Hyaluronic Serum Base would be the best for the eye area. 

But again; i wouldn't reccomend any of these for the eye area because of sterility issue.

If you want to try it out go ahead; but its not advicable.

Thank you for reading and if you have anything you would like to ask me; do leave a comment below. 

Thank you;


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