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How To Add Fresh Juice Into Handmade Lotion?

Hi good morning. Ive been asked this question if someone wanted to add fresh ingredients into their skin care product; what should he/she do? 

If you have read my previous post on adding fresh ingredients into bases before; you know that adding fresh ingredients into skincare will result in shorter shelf life of the product.
Something even preservatives cant help!

But if you really want to add; what can you add? Firstly before you do that; ask yourself this: why do you want to add them? Was there some benefit you were looking for or is it coz of placebo effect? If there was any benefit you are looking for; is there an alternative similar to that thats already a cosmetic ingredient that you could find? Or if not; then you can do either one of the below method to add them in:


Yup you can add extracts. Cosmetic extracts are made such that it gives the benefits of the ‘fruits’ or ‘herbs’ minus the instability of the real thing. Adding cosmetic extracts at range recommended will give you the benefits, plus will also give you a product with long shelf life

Infused oil

Another way to add fresh ingredients is by infusing the oils with these fresh ingredients. Of course don’t add them fully ‘fresh’! As it will spoil. But alternatively you can dry the leaf/ fruit etc that you want to add. Add it into your oils, and leave it for 15-30days. If you need it faster, you can also ‘cook’ it as small heat for few hours to infuse it. After infusion, remove the dried leaf/ fruit and use the oils in your skincare making.

If you checkout soaplab’s older posts; we have few recipes teaching you how to make skincare from scratch (not using any bases).Do try them out and let me know how it goes! 

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