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How To Keep Mask Creamy?

Hi good morning
Today i would like to answer one of the question from our readers asking us if mask can be creamy for a long time.
What she meant was the clay mask; if we premixed it with the lotion base; would it stay creamy? 
The answer is: it depends😬

SoapLab’s lotion base is made using jojoba oil and many other water based ingredients. In order for a mask to be ‘creamy’, the base has to be creamy as well which the lotion base checks out to do exactly that. 

So why is the lotion base creamy? 

It's because its a combination of oil and water based ingredient thats been emulsified. If you are not sure about what's the oil ratio for lotion; click here.
So anyways; because of that; the 'lotion' will stay creamy.

Having said that; since lotion has lower quantity of oil in it; there is more water based ingredients inside the lotion base. If you mix it with clay to turn it into creamy mask; it will be creamy initially but after sometime; it will start to become courses and harden.


Because the water ingredient in 'lotion base' tends to evaporate out when you 'open' and 'close' the jar. The longer you keep it unclose; the faster it will dry up. 

Besides that; depending on clays; example dead sea clay; it tends to absorb moisture. Therefore a dead sea lay creamy mask has higher chances of becoming dry fast compared to the other clays like french rose clay or french green clay.

How To Avoid this?

The easiest way to avoid this from happening is to add more 'oil' into your base. Since oil doesnt 'evaporate' it will keep your mask creamy for a long time. 

However, by doing so; you will make the mask feel 'oilier' and there is chances of oil floating on top after some time. 

Alternatively you can use the Shea Olive Cream Base as it has more 'oil phase' than water phase in it. This would also cause the skin feel more 'oily' and sticky but depending on your skin; it would be perfect for someone with dry and matured skin.

How To Make?

You could view all our mask recipes here.

Most of our mask recipes uses jojoba lotion as the base. You can always replace it with the shea olive cream base whenever you need it. Do try it out and let us know how it goes!

Thank you for reading;

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