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Do I Need To Join Class To Learn DIY (Handmade) Soap & Cosmetics?

Can I DIY my Own Product If Ive Never Attended Class Before? .
Yes of course you can! I understand  that many are interested but are afraid to start DIY their own soaps and products. .

Most of the time its coz of fear of not knowing. But i think its mostly because from young age; we always had this thing that we have to join ‘class’ to learn something. Its an asian thing. 

Thats really not true! There is no class for entrepreunership (only motivational class) and yet many become successfull entrepreuners. why? Thats coz they learn on their own: something that is not ‘teachable’. With internet today you can learn anything you want without joining ‘class’. And thats where we @soaplabmalaysia come from. 100% from internet and books in kindle😬

And because of that; we also did the same thing for you who wants to make your own soap/ cosmetics! You dont have to join classes when you are starting. 
@soaplabmalaysia we already provided for free all the recipes, videos & instructions to make them (most formulated by me with my science & pharmacy background) and we also have a group of customer service people that are to guide you via whatsapp (012-6643817). So you can ask us any questions you have during working hours:) all complementary (FREE) from us.

we also have more than 20+ kits will everything in for those who are truly a newbie! 
So when to join classes?
My suggestion is to join class only after you have started making few DIY product at home. You could start with the simple free recipes @soaplabmalaysia. After that; when you are ready to learn more & learn how to formulate your own recipe (come up with your own unique recipe), and maybe want to start a business and need to be more knowledgable; then go for classes. By then you will also know if you are truly interested in DIYing and have questions for teachers😁

Now back to entrepreunership: i started it that way😊 everything is online; tested what others did first and once it was ok; then only i went searching for courses etc (but my best ‘teacher’ is still the internet blogs and books❤️❤️) How bout you? How did you start? DIY/ Business? Joined classes or online & books?

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