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200mL Packaging Bottle For handmade (DIY) Soap & Lotion In Malaysia

This is a PET bottle thats usually used to fill the handmade liquid soap, shampoo, lotions or oils that you made.

This is a transparent bottle & It fills about 200ml of product volume. The top/ cover is a black pump. 

If you are making skincare/ soap; do not assume that 200ml = 200g. The weight depends on the viscocity of your product. 200ml is not same as 200g. Depending on how thick your product is; you will probably need more weight to fill up the volume of this bottle.

Usually liquid soap that is runny requires little weight (probably 210-220g of liq soap) as compared to lotion (depending on thickness needs probaby 250g-300g)

The best way to measure how many ‘g’ you need is to measure the empty bottle’s weight first, then add your products, and measure the bottle + product. Minus the difference between your product filled bottle and the empty bottle weight and you will get your full product weight.

This PET bottle is reusable. 

To clean: simply wash the container with soap and clean water. 

To dry: let it air dry. Do not use any dryer

To sterilize: spray the inside with rubbing alcohol and let it dry before adding in any product. You dont have to sterilize the first time you use this bottle as its presterilized. 

Click here to view how we reuse this bottle and sterilize it in one of our handmade recipes

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