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How Many Products (quantity) To Start Business With?

When you start up; how much of product should you start with? 
Heres another question i got asked today.

Well guys.. it depends.

You see if you had to purchase from factories; you will have to buy according to their min quantity which is usually 1000pcs (if use your own formulation) or 100-300 pcs if using other people’s recipe.

Even soaplab’s manufacturing is minimum of 10kg (which depends on ur packaging size can go up to 100-1000pcs)

But; if you are making your own (which i love it for you to do if you are just starting out) you can make as many as you want

So then; how do you choose?

Simple! The way i see is before launch; ask people around if they would be interested to buy the future product you are selling. Then based on your ‘sample’ size; make double the amount of product.

Since you are making it yourself; whenever you finish the product; you can always make more so that way; you are not losing much here:)
Thats the perk of making your own product:) 

The worst case scenario is if you sell out fast; you will just have sleepless night making your product.
But if you cant sell; at least you are not ‘wasting’ much vs if you had to manufacture in factories:) usually its like RM 300 vs RM 10’000. Mana lagi sakit hati? 

What do you think? If you are selling your own handmade product; whats your magic ‘calculation’ like on how many products to make? 


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