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Where To Get Logo & Label Done For Newbies In Business

Where can i get labeling done?
Heres a question i get asked all the time. Especially for someone who doesnt have a business and starting up

This question can be divided into two; one is where to get the logo done, and second where to print them?
If you look around there are so many designers offering logo services but they are usually very costly. It can get up to RM10k for the whole corporate branding and logo which i feel for newbies is totally unnecessary.
When i started out; i was in debt (close to RM300k). There was no way i was gonna pay someone that much. 

So what i did was i got help from amateurs designer in fiverr.com. It starts from USD 5 (RM20) and you can find a good designer there:) check it out if you dont have budget for logo:)

As for printing; i usually just go to any ‘photostat’ shop. Most of them have color printer and can print on sticker paper. It usually cost only RM 1/1pcs A4paper. I usually cramp the paper up with full logo/ label so its cheaper per pcs.

Hope this guide helps u:) how did you do it when you started? Who did your logo? And where did you print it? 

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  1. For me, I asked a freelancer Suhaida Supalio (can search her name on fb)
    Rate RM70 - RM150 depending how many alterations you asked. Fast reply and result


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