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Are SLS really dangerous and harmful?

Yesterday i posted about how i was working in the pharmacy and wheni was flipping through all those recommended bodywash by healthcare professionals; most of the products contained SLS (and that is why i make my own product for my kids instead of buying ‘mild’ soaps with similar content but much higher price)

So anyways; because of that post; many asked me if sls was dangerous/ harmful etc.

Now let me explain what sls is. Sls is a surfactant thats mostly used in cosmetci products as either emulsifier, or cleansing agent.

Its a really good cleansing agent and because of that; i kind of like it. Its really strong, and most importantly its really CHEAP.

Now just because i like it; doesnt mean that im not well informed about it. Hence before one starts 💣💣 me with more questions; let me explain.

When one uses sls; you need to know why and when to use it. One of the well recorded side effects of sls is that it can be very drying; and so it causes inflammation and rashes on skin. Due to that; if you use sls in your product; make sure that you dont put it into a product that is made for ppl who already have this side effects. Common sense right?

Hence the reason when it comes to using a product for my kids who already have SENSITIVE SKIN, & RASHES; i wouldnt use a product with SLS

But; if you have normal type of skin, or even oily type of skin that is not too sensitive to things; then SLS or any sulphate based surfactant is not a bad thing:)

So again: it really depends on what are you using SLS or any sulphate based product for. Like me; i ❤️❤️ it in my haircare product. Its highly cleansing for my sweaty hair and since my hair is ‘dead’, its doesnt ‘iritate’ it much. Make sense??

if you have any questions regarding this post; please dont hesitate to comment below. we are here to guide you..

Thank you for reading.

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