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How To Make Diwali Inspired Soap: Cold Process Soap Malaysia

Good morning guys! This weekend we will b celebrating diwali so ive been quite busy running around and ‘shopping’ (like i can complain about that🤣). Its quite exciting for me this year because for the first time after so long my whole family and extended family is gona balik kampung this year. So it will be a special day with lots of ‘ang pow’ and ‘bollywood dancing’🤞🏼

So anyways; today we will be making a Diwali inspired cold process soap. Inspired by something im gona wear.

For newbies who has been making melt and pour soap for quite sometime; mayb you shpuld attempt this soap making method: the cold process soap. Click here to read more about cold process soap.

To make this ‘Glow and Glimmering Deepavalli soap’ you will need an oil mix which consists of coconut, castor, palm oil, and olive oil. Each oil provides the skin with nourishment. For example, olive oil is rich with antioxidants which slows down the aging of the skin. Palm oil helps to hydrate the skin and keeps it soft. Sweet almond oils retains moisture in the skin. Basically every oil that we added would give some kind of benefit. They are not ‘empty no nutrition oils like mineral oil’ that are usually found in commercial soaps and skincare.

To beautify it further, and for a sweet and attractive scent, I’ve added ylang ylang ginger essential oils and neon blue and sparkle gold mica. 

I hope you give this soap making method a go:) and let me know once you do! Tell me how it turned out ya:) 

Have fun!

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