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Is The Rising Of Skin Problem Because Of You?

When i was working in the hospital as a pharmacist; i realised that more and more people were coming in with skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and so on.

It felt that it was quite ‘impossible’ because we have better sanitization, we are more aware of the food we are eating. And everything is much ‘cleaner’ i
n this country compared to say 40-50years ago.

So why the rise of these problem?

Then when you go out; you see people are always in a ‘hurry’. Everything there is in the market today is to give you ‘instant’ results. Fast whitening, fast itch relief, fast ‘kurus’. Basically fast everything la!

And on top of that; you also want something that can be used long term. So instead of skincare that lasts for lets say 1 year; you want something that is 3 yrs. This applies to food too! Instead of 3 days milk, you want 1 year. Instead of 2 days bread you want two weeks.

Manufacturer or seller; they go based on public demand; when there is a demand; only then there is a supply. Hence i say the reason there is a rise of skin problem is you!

One of the ways to reduce this of course; is when you cut through the noise; and diy yourself or when you support ‘cottage industry’. Just like the olden days. Means instead of eating processed food; cook at home. Instead of buying soaps frm grocery; make it yourself. 

If you see the list of ingredients in soap; you will probably understand what i mean. A soap is nothing but: fats, lye, and water. But when you see the commercial ones; you will find edta (stability), parabens (longer shelf life), and a lot more other ingredients (because YOU asked for it) thats there coz you want a longer shelf life soap. Those ingredients are not to make soap; but its there and coz u want it there and its irritants that irritate skin.

Ive provided you all the knowledge you need to make your own products @soaplabmalaysia . Let me knw what else do you need. 

Lets all work together to reduce this problem. If not human are going to live longer; but not healthy. Whats the use😓
Love; Nisha

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