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Cranberry-Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Cranberry extracts and its uses in cosmetics according to its photochemistry

Hi. Good morning. Today ill be talking about cranberry extract and how we should incorporate it into out cosmetics and household products.

Now as you know; I dont like to read the ‘hearsay’ in the internet and therefore I went looking around for journals and clinical trials on the usage of cranberry in cosmetics. 

Unfortunately though; I couldn’t find one. Most studies used cranberry for internal studies in the treatment of urinary tract infection.

Since studying natural ingredients is not something that is ‘huge’ unless the person researching it is a PhD student; and not pharmaceutical company. Sometimes we dont really see much studies down and even if it is; it would not be main stream unless the cosmetic companies does the studies. But usually they are bias and I really dislike reading those too. 

So because of that; I decided to study the component of cranberry (photochemistry) form all these journals; and derive from there what it could do to skin. Of course these are my own opinion.

So anyways; here’s what I could find: those most abundant component in cranberry (like more than 10%)

Phytochemical in Cranberry 

  1. Catechins- antioxidant that Fights free radicals, protect skin from sun damage.
  2. Triterpenoids-antioxidant, wound healing, collagen repair
  3. quinic acid-not much studies. Mostly on anti aging properties. 
  4. Hippuric acid-not much studied. Might have antibacterial effect.
  5. Anthocyanins-a type of flavonoids. It’s the component that gives the red color in cranberry. Also an antioxidant

What Does It Mean?

So basically; after looking at the cranberry component; we can conclude that most of the component leans to being a great antioxidant.

Antioxidants are free radical fighting properties. It’s most suitable when used in country such as us as we are prone to sunburn; hence making us age faster.

Besides that; if you have broken wound; usually happens to people with problematic skin; especially eczema and psoriasis; cranberry may help as well.

Who Will Benefit from using Cranberry Extract:

  1. People who have aging skin
  2. People who are prone to sunburn
  3. People who have skin issue
  4. People who needs wound healing/ has rashes

What Do I Think?

I personally feel that more studies should be done on cranberry extract’s usage on skin. For one; these research/ phytochemicals studied; we are not really sure how the absorption is like. What if it doesn’t get absorbed?

But then again; the function of the cranberry is mostly on the first layer of the dermis. The whole antioxidant thingy and  the wound healing. It’s very ‘superficial’; so probably it doesn't need to get ‘so absorbed’ to do its job. Due to that; maybe; just maybe it may work:-)

Can I Use In My Product?

If you are going to use cranberry in your product; go ahead and use it; but just make sure don't over claim because there isn’t much data:-) 

Thank you for reading;

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