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Can Calamine Make Skin Fairer (Whitening)

Calamine for Skin Whitening?
Ive been finding more info about calamine as its our star ingredient for our Fresshhh by SoapLab Malaysia’s product this week when i saw this headline.

Being curious as i am; i checked it out. Sounded ridiculous how it could whiten one’s skin but i decided to still read on.

Turns out; it ‘whitens’ skin that is dry. Now how could a skin that is dry becomes fairer when applying calamine?

Before getting into that; lets talk about calamine first. 

What is calamine? 

Calamine is one of cosmetic ingredient that is made off: zinc oxide (white powder) , and a little iron oxide (deep red powder) hence the color is ‘light baby pink’

What Is It Used For?

Since calamine has a lot of zinc oxide; it works exactly like  inc oxide; used mainly for UV protection, and soothe inflammation. This means that product that has calamine in it can be used for acne skin, eczema skin, and any ‘itchy’ skin. Also suitable for sun burn skin.

How Does It ’Whitens?’

Now back to this whitening; how does calamine works to make skin fairer? Turns out; most dry skin becomes darker due to the ‘dryness’. When skin is dry; you tent to get patchy/ flaky skin. This usually causes itch and you will tent to scratch. Even if you don’t; As a natural ‘protective’ feedback; the brain will tell the skin ‘hey, you are getting very dry and damaged, so make sure the next time you reproduce (our skin reproduces every 21-28 days just like snakes:-D), create a ‘thicker skin’. And so the next time it reproduces; it tend to gets thicker, dryer and patchy and darker.

When using calamine product; since it soothes inflammation and itch as well as being UV protectant against burn; it helps to restore ‘older’ skin color; hence its marketed as ‘whitening’ when actually; its just helping to hydrate the skin!

Expected Results

So if you have dry skin; and want to get rid of patchy darker skin; use calamine as it may help. However; don’t expect to see results fast. Just like how your dark patch took time to develop, this will also take some time. Maybe 3-4 months before becoming one shade fairer. But at least; its safe:-)

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