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How To Make: Calamine 2 in 1 Hydrating Soap (For Dry & Inflammed Skin)

Hi good morning guys; today ill be showing you how to make a calamine body soap thats generously conditioning that we could call it 2-in-1. As in after using this soap; you dont need to use body conditioner (if you have used them before:-D)

This soap is made using SoapLab’s Natural Shea Butter Soap Base. Its 100% Natural where the soap base was made using coconut oil and olive oil (cold process method) and was then converted into a soap base. Here’s an article i wrote on how i came about with the soap base few years ago (yes its produced by us at soaplab! All our bases are self formulated for someone like you in mind: who has sensitive skin)
Added together in it is calamine; a cosmeceutical product that contains lots of zinc oxide as the main component. Zinc Oxide is an ingredients that works really well to prevent inflammation and soothe itchy and dry skin. So if you are someone who has dry, itchy, inflamed skin : like eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox or acne, this calamine soap is perfect for you. Its also ‘rumored’ that its a perfect whitening product. Click this article to find out more if its true:-) wrote it yesterday.

So anyways; before getting into the recipe; lets get into who should use it and not:

Who should Use This 2 in 1 Hydrating Calamine Soap?

  1. People with Dry & Sensitive Skin
  2. People with Inflamed Skin : eczema, acne, chicken pox, psoriasis etc
  3. People who wants to use natural product that is hydrating (even for normal skin)
  4. People who are pregnant or babies

Who Should Not Use This Body Polish?

  1. People who are allergic to latex (you maybe allergic to shea butter)
  2. People with known allergies to the ingredients
  3. People who are active & sweats a lot (this soap is very mild so it wont cleanse you properly or you may double shower)

Ingredients List:

  1. SoapLab’s Three Butter Soap Base 
  2. Calamine Powder 
  3. Glycerin 
  4. Scent Of Choice

Videos On How To Make This Soap:

Download PDF File On How To Make Soap

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