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Effectiveness of OatMeal In Eczema & Psoriasis Products?

Hi guys. This week we will be showing you recipes on how to incorporate oatmeal into your DIY haircare products.

But before that; let us go into details on who will get the most benefits when using oatmeal in their haircare product.

Phytonutrients in Oats:

Before getting into details on what oat does; lets study the components or phytochemicals that are found in oats. If you have been following me for quite sometime; you would know that i dont really like to read what the hear sayers says about what an ingredient does. Instead; i love to study the science behind it and so here we are.

Here are some of the components found in oats to be effective for dermatological conditions
  1. Oat Beta Glucan- its helps in collagen production and its micro size so can penetrate to epidermis and even dermis.
  2. Oat Avenantharamides- its anti inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-oxidant.
  3. Oat Peptides-alternative to hydrolyzed protein.

What Does the Phytonutrients Do?

Oat Beta Glucan.

Beta glucan are long chain glucose polymers that are insoluble in water. This makes it suitable to be used in products because its not easily rinsed off; and it has a longer ‘staying power’. 

When applied to skin, these beta glucans helps in collagen stimulation, resulting in faster ‘skin reproduction’.

When used in conditions where the skin is ‘broken’ or ‘damaged’; it helps in faster reproduction of skin; guiding it to heal faster. 

This means that its the best when used in skin conditions such as eczema; psoriasis and so on.

Since it stimulates collagen; its also perfect for those who are looking for products that help in anti aging 

Oat Avenantharamides:

This component is an active polyphenol that is found abundantly in oats. Since it mostly works like anti histamine/ anti inflammatory; it helps in reducing redness and itchiness. 

When applied on scalp; it will be suitable for those who have itchy scalp or even those with skin conditions. 

It works really well together with oat beta glucan where this component helps in reducing itch and redness, while beta glucans will heal and cover up the damaged skin.

Oat peptides:

Oat peptides are like ‘silicones’. It works by forming a protective layer on skin or hair; helping it to protetct and moisturise the skin or hair. 

Its perfect as conditioning on the hair.

Who Will Benefit In Using Oats In Their Product?

Those who will benefit most are:
  1. People with skin diseases like eczema & psoriasis
  2. Someone who have regular hair fall due to dry scalp (because of the oats anti aging and collagen stimulating properties it would heal the scalp)
  3. Babies whose scalp is not fully developed.
  4. Those have regular itchy scalp.

What Do I Think?

I personally feel that there is lack of studies to support this. However; oats been used in skincare for very long time. And based on feedbacks received and the many clinical trials done; its a very promising ingredient. 
For me; its a great ingredient and you should probably give it a try if you have any of the conditions stated above. There is really nothing to loose:-)

Thank you for reading;


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