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How To Make: Honey Hair Conditioner Bar

Hi good morning guys. Today ill be sharing with you a recipe to make solid conditioner; packed with fresh honey and nourishing mix of coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter!

Now before getting into details on how we did it; let me share with you why we did it. Why did we make a honey hair conditioner bar?
For those who dont know; for generations honey is said to be used on hair and scalp. Honey helps in preventing ahir breakage and hair loss, while when applied to scalp; it helps in moisturise the scalp; leading to a healthy scalp with more hair growth. 

Apparently; using honey frequently on scalp gives ‘birth’ to many baby hair!

Now the problem was; honey if applied directly can be sticky. And at times also very difficult to remove. Not forgetting it could also makes the bathroom floor very slippery!

So thats why we decided to make it into conditioner instead. This conditioner can be used daily if you are someone who wants to wash hair daily but not shampoo hair daily. 

This is very suitable as a co-wash. Where you want to wash and condition at the same time.

We made it solid because honey if made into ‘liquid conditioner’ we couldn’t add too much as it will reduce the shelf life when mixed with water. Since this is in solid form; it doesn’t have water at all; resulting in higher amount of honey can be added in. Yeay!

Who Should Use This Honey Hair Conditioner?

  1. Someone with itchy and dry scalp
  2. Someone with sensitive scalp
  3. Someone with frequent hair breakage & loss problem
  4. Someone who is looking to wash & condition hair daily 

Who Shouldnt Use This Hair Conditioner?

  1. Someone with known allergic to the ingredients
  2. Someone who has very oily scalp (this is not strong enough)
  3. Someone who is looking for stronger conditioner (this is natural so not very strong)

Ingredients To Make This Conditioner:

  1. 100g SoapLab’s Solid Conditioner Base 
  2. 3g Honey 
  3. 0.5g Honey Toffee Fragrance Oil 
  4. 0.5g Yellow Mica 
  5. 1g Glycerin 

Video On How To Make:

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