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DIY Facial Wash Malaysia: Brightening Strawberry Juicy Facial Wash

Good morning guys..
Today i would like to share with you a simple way to make Strawberry Juice Cleanser thats filled with antioxidants and great for someone who wants brightening effect (especially for someone with scars and pigmentation).

This face wash uses soaplab’s coconut liquid soap base thats prethickened (so its thicker than usual. Not suitable for body wash)
In it: we have added strawberry extract.

Strawberry extracts are known to be anti oxidants as theres a lot of vitamin C in them. So its really great for someone who has scars using them as they would help in reducing them (of course not fast since they are naturally occurring it may take few months to take notice the difference)

Next: we also added niacinamide. Niacinamide are vitamin B3 that are found in abundance in plant based food. In this cleanser; we are adding it in because it helps in ‘brightening’.
Ive found few studies on how niacinamide helps in brightening and these studies stated that niacinamide is comparable with hydroquinone ( a pharmaceutical ingredient thats used by dermatologist for pigmentation). Click here to read about the comparison

Ill write more about it soon. So anyways; for this strawberry juicy facial wash; we are adding niacinamide because of that.

Lastly; we added strawberry scent and a ‘pinch’ of naturally occurring mica to make it look more ‘appetizing’ 😬

Hope you like this recipe❤️

Who should use this cleanser?

  1. someone with sensitive skin/ dry/ combination skin
  2. Someone who wants mild cleanser
  3. Someone who has scars (from acne/ eczema) 
  4. Someone with pigmentation Or hormonal (menapause) pigmentation issue

Who should not use this cleanser?

  1. someone who is active (this is a mild cleanser) 
  2. Someone who wants fast results (these are natural product so will take sometime)
  3. Someone with known allergies to the ingredients.

Ingredients needed (to make 100g)

  1. 100g SoapLab’s Liquid Facial Wash Base  
  2. 0.5g Strawberry Champagne Fragrance Oil  
  3. 0.5g Strawberry Extract 
  4. 0.4g Mauve Pink Mica
  5. 0.8g Glycerin
  6. 2g Niacinamide

Video on how to make:

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