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How To Make Shampoo For Dull Hair (Mangosteen Cranberry Shampoo)

Good morning guys.
Today ill be sharing with you recipe on how to make mangosteen and cranberry shampoo!

Lately ive been asked by our international OEM clients to make more of Malaysian based products. 

Searching and searching i finally found one thats remarkable; the mangosteen!

So mangosteen is very high in antioxidant and when used in haircare; like shampoo and conditioner; it makes the hair more shiny and healthy.

Its also great for hair growth so if you have thinner hair; this shampoo will be great for you.

This shampoo base used in this recipe is handmade by SoapLab using Sulphate free, and paraben free natural ingredients. Most ingredient in this shampoo is made using coconut and so that itself; is great for hair growth and prevents hair loss.

The scent; we decided to add in cranberry scent to get the sweet sourish smell thats similar to a freshly ripe mangosteen!!

Who is this shampoo & conditioner for?

  1. people with dull hair
  2. People with dry hair
  3. People with thin hair
  4. People with hair loss
  5. People with unhealthy scalp
  6. Babies and pregnant women

Who should not use this shampoo

  1. people with known allergies to the ingredients
  2. People who are active (this is mild shampoo. Double cleanse if want to use it)
  3. People who wants fast results (these are natural product so will take longer time)

Recipe To Make (1L)

  1. 1Kg SoapLab’s Sulphate Free Shampoo Base (to make shampoo) / 1kg SoapLab’s Conditioner Base (to make conditioner) 
  2. 5g Mangosteen Extract
  3. 10g Cranberry Balsam FO
  4. 5g Violet Mica

Video On How To Make

Download Recipe (PDF)

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