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How I Made Body wash & Lotion For My Eczema Kids

hi good morning guys.
so today I'll be sharing with you two recipes on how i make my body wash & body lotion for my eczema kids.
Before that; let me tell you something first

This morning while walking around the pharmacy i work in, i noticed that there are many brands of eczema product. These are mostly reccomended by health care professionals and it should be ‘mild’ right? .

Its looks ‘mild’ infront but when  i flipped to the  ingredients you will notice that its ingredinets is similar to ordinary soaps (except these are more expensive) .

And so; because of this when my daughter was born (she had rashes all the time); i started creating my own products. .

As a pharmacist i know how to formulate my own product, and as owner of @soaplabmalaysia i had all the ingredients; i could just ‘cook’ anything that works up. .

Since i do make these soaps regularly; im planning to make a bigger batch for you guys to try. Im sure if it works for my kids; it will work for yours too. .

So this time; my girls decided they wanted some fruity mango like scent and so i decided to add antioxidants like papaya and guava extract in it just to make it more 'nicer'. 

Heres who will benefit from this products:

Who is this products for?

  1. Someone with eczema or other inflamed, red, itchy skin
  2. Someone with dry spots/ past scars. 
  3. Someone who needs skin with extra hydration 
  4. Someone with dry & sensitive skin. Oily skin can use too.

Who should not use this product

  1. Someone who wants fast results (this is natural and mild)
  2. Someone who has known allergies to the ingredient

Recipe To Make:

Body Wash (makes 1kg)
  1. 1kg Soap Lab's Coconut Liquid Soap Base
  2. 15g Papaya Extract
  3. 15g Guava Extract
  4. 5g Mango Papaya Scent
  5. 1g Peacock Green Mica Color (Optional)
Lotion (makes 500g)
  1. 500g SoapLab's Jojoba Lotion Base
  2. 5g Papaya Extract
  3. 5g Guava Extract
  4. 3g Mango Papaya Scent

Video On How To Make:

Purchase Ingredients To Make:

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