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How To Make Green Tea Face Oil

hi guys. so today we will continue with the glass skin Korean series product. As you know I've been obsessed with crash landing on you and i just cant stop looking at the actresses' face. not just the main heroine but all of them have flawless face! on top of that; i doubt they put on that much of make up.
upon researching; it turns out their skincare is mostly something that exfoliates, something that moisturises, and something that hydrates to give that glowy look.

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so today; we will be making face oil. It's to be used after a serum and essence, before sunscreen.
this face oil we are making today uses jojoba oil, rose hip oil, and argan oil. We are using these oils because the user of this oil; I'm assuming are staying in Malaysia or any other hot, humid climate. using a thicker oil would cause unwanted stickiness and can get a little too uncomfortable especially during day time (under the sun).

So the oil I'm using here are thinner oils, something very light that will get absorbed after 5-20 minutes of applying that you wouldn't even feel the 'oiliness'.
These oils are all anti oxidants and its suitable for hydration and it also helps in 'locking' in the moisture.

Besides the oil, ive also added green tea extract for its anti oxidant properties. in order to get the flawless look, we also need to 'remove' scars and marks and so if you are someone with scars, or have pigmentation; green tea will help to lighten it. Besides it also tighten pores; which is great to achieve this glass skin look:-)

Who Should Use This Product?

  1. All skin type; including oily skin since its all light oil
  2. Someone who wants to tighten pores
  3. someone who needs moisturiser & hydration
  4. Someone who is allergic to preservatives (this doesn't contain preservative)
  5. someone with scars & pigmentation

Who Shouldnt use this product?

  1. Someone who don't exfoliate. You have to use AHA toner/ scrub with this.
  2. Someone who wants fast reults (this is natural will take sometime)
  3. Someone with known allergy to the ingredients.

Recipe To Make 1kg Face Oil

  1. 330g Jojoba Oil 
  2. 330g Rose Hip Oil 
  3. 330g Argan Oil 
  4. 5g Green Tea Fragrance Oil  
  5. 5g Green Tea Extract 

Watch Video How To Make:

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