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DIY: Neem Vegetable & Fruit Cleanser

hi all.
As you know; there are articles going around stating that the coronavirus lives on vegetables and fruits for more than 48 hours.

Of course with that; everyone gets panicky.

As you already know; there are two sure ways to kill the virus; using more than 60% alcohol, or by using soap.

We obviously cant use alcohol for the veggies and fruits because it will kind of 'kill' the nutrients, and at the same time it could also make the veggies and fruits become 'dehydrated'.  Eventually; the veggies would also taste 'off'.

So the next thing to do; was to use soap.

Now if you have seen most of the veggies cleanser available; most are made using synthetic detergents like SLS. SLS as you know; are a great cleanser; but for some of us; the thought of putting chemicals on something as nutritious and sacred like fruits and veggies is a bit 'scary'. Its naturally derived food; its healthy! and then we go and add chemicals. stupid right?

Now if you are like me; you would find alternative for it. and thats what i did. With the help of Mr Google; i found out some of organic veggie cleanser's ingredients; and turns out; its done from saponified oils like coconut oil, olive etc.

Saponified means oils that are made into soap using lye. and so thats what i did. Finally:-)
Here; i would like to share with you two simple recipes on how to make the veggie wash using existing bases in SoapLab.

If you would like to make from scratch; i have a new online liquid soap class that you could join here.

 Ive added Neem extract because its traditionally used in virus related diseases and since im making something for coronavirus; i decided to use this. Heres an article i wrote few days ago on how neem would help in coronavirus.


100% Olive Oil Veggie & Fruit Wash

  1. 100g SoapLab's Castile Soap Paste (olive oil)
  2. 500g Distilled Water 
  3. 30g Neem Extract
  4. 10g Scent of Choice 

100% Coconut Oil Veggie & Fruit Wash

  1. 100g SoapLab's Potassium Cocoate (Coconut Oil Paste)
  2. 300g Distilled Water 
  3. 25g Neem Extract
  4. 10g Scent of Choice 

How To Mix:

  1. Measure all ingredients
  2. Pour Distilled water into paste
  3. Mix gently (to avoid bubbles)
  4. Leave for 24 hours
  5. Once Paste diluted, add neem extract and scent

Heres a video how to mix it:

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