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Project With Kids: Make Tie & Die Soap

Hi guys. Bored this MCO? Well i am. Actually not 'bored' but more like the kids are driving me crazy!

Heres a project i did with them. A simple tie and die soap.

They kind of liked it because it was colourful; like paddle-pop ice cream!
and bath time was easier too:-D

For this recipe I'm using SoapLab's Mica color (naturally derived; usually used for mineral makeup), and soaplab's handmade natural shea butter soap-base. For scent i used Baby Fresh as it smells really fresh, something similar to Johson baby wash the green one.  (something the kids choose & like)

This recipe can be used on any soap base and you can change the colors too. The fragrance is also interchangeable. Since the fragrance we are using in this recipe is from SoapLab. Its Phthalate Free and suitable for sensitive skin. Perfect for my kids who has eczema.

If You want to learn More about basics on how to make soap; click here.

If you prefer to join online class for beginner; click here.

Heres the recipe:

Ingredients: (makes 100g solid soap)

  1. 100g Any SoapLab’s Soap Base  
  2. 2g Fragrance Oil
  3. 1g Green Mica 
  4. 1g Yellow Mica 
  5. 1g Synstar Red Mica 
  6. Rubbing Alcohol (can omit if don't have. This is to remove bubbles on top. You can omit by pouring in the soap slowly on the mold)

Video How To Make:

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