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How To Make Hair Care Products For Hair Fall & Dandruff Using Seaweed Extract

Yesterday i wrote about how seaweed extract had good studies results when used on people with hair fall, dandruff and to promote hair growth.
Today; i would like to show you how to make these products.

In today’s product; ive Formulated it especiallY for someone with curly/wavy/frizzy hair.

In my mind; the user is someone who has wavy hair; thats totally frizzy and very unmanageable. This person also has slight dandruff, and their hair is very very dry. (Even if you don have dandruff you can use this hair care product).

Im making three products here; a shampoo, a mask and a hair styler (especially for these curly/wavy hair).

The Seaweed shampoo is a shampoo made using SoapLab’s Sulphate Free Shampoo. Its sulphate free and its made using a very mild surfactant (decyl glucoside thats derived from coconut). Using a mild shampoo ensures that it only cleans what is needed and not our natural occuring oil on scalp. Sometimes when scalp is too dry; it causes hair fall so by using a milder surfactant (shampoo); it cleans well but it also retains the necessary naturally occuring oil on scalp so that the scalp doesnt dry off.

Secondly; ive made a hair mask. I prefer a hair mask rather than conditioner for truly dry and curly hair because its more ‘potent’. For dry hair; it requires deep conditioning. Regular conditioner is not ‘creamy’ and thick enough to coat each and every strength of the hair.

Due to that; a mask thats formulated to be much thicker and creamier is a better substitute. You can use this mask as a conditioner (where leave it for 2-3 mins before rinsing) or you could Leave it 15-20 mins twice a week on your hair for your weekly deep conditioning.

Third product today is a hair styling product. Im calling it as a hair styler because this is the product that you will be using as a leave on on your curly/ wavy hair that exposes your beautiful hair.

Heres what i do with my curly hair. Something i learned and im so in love with my hair now that i cant bare the thought of having straight hair :-) previously; just like everyone else; i used to comb my hair and putting lots of oil on my hair to manage it. The results; my hair will be dripping with oil; and still frizzy.

It wasnt until sometime later When i figured out that curly hair dont need to be combed! You just have to run through your finger to remove any tangle You might have when your hair is still dripping wet.

After that; apply a styling creme/ gel, scrunch it and leave it to dry naturally. Every two days; reapply the styling cream. Easy peasy!

But the other problem; this styling gels sold in the market usually causes the hair to be stiff and so it looks very unnatural.

This is the reason i figured out we should use something thats ‘softer’ so that it gives a more natural wave thats more ‘bouncier’ (i hope you can imagine what im trying to say :-D).

So coz of that; i figured a formulation that uses coconut oil, the mask base and hyaluronic acid. The seaweed extract is also added in this so that as a leave in; it would also promote hair growth.

I hope that you like this formulation and it works for you just like how it worked for me.

Who Should Use These Products?

  1. People With Dry Hair 
  2. People With Oily Scalp
  3. People With Curly/Wavy Hair
  4. People With Dandruff
  5. People Who Needs Faster Hair Growth
  6. SOmeone Who Wants To Reduce Hair Fall

Who Shouldn't Use This Product?

  1. Someone with known allergies to the product
  2. Someone who expect fast results (these are natural products. They take longer time to work)
  3. Someone with Limp & Fine Hair (these products are ‘heavy’)

Recipes On How To Make:

Seaweed & Peach Shampoo (1kg)

  1. 1kg Soaplab’s Sulphate Free Shampoo Base
  2. 50g Seaweed Extract
  3. 20g Fresh Peach FO
  4. 5g Color (optional)
  5. 5g Glycerin (optional to mix color)

Seaweed & Peach Hair Mask (1kg)

  1. 1kg Soaplab’s Creamy Coconut Hair Masque Base
  2. 50g Seaweed Extract
  3. 20g Fresh Peach FO
  4. 5g Color (optional)
  5. 5g Glycerin (optional to mix color)

Seaweed & Peach Hair Styler (1kg)

  1. 800g Soaplab’s Creamy Coconut Hair Masque Base
  2. 200g SoapLab’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum Base
  3. 50g Seaweed Extract
  4. 20g Fresh Peach FO
  5. 5g Color (optional)
  6. 5g Glycerin (optional to mix color)

Video On How To Make:

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