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Studies On Using Seaweed Extract In Hair Care Product

So this week i decided to make a series of hair care product thats mainly for curly hair.
When i did a poll in our social media (instagram and facebook); we found that most of our followers have curly hair or wavy hair (more then 60%) and mostly had one of the following problems:

  1. Hair loss
  2. Slow Hair Growth
  3. Dandruff
  4. Dry hair
  5. Frizzy Hair
After some studying; i realised that the best extract that 'covers' all these areas was seaweed extract; and so thats the main ingredient we will be using in making our hair care product. (More recipes next post)

As for today; let's learn more about seaweed. When studying more about seaweed (and sea kelp); i came a cross many studies on the effect of seaweed on hair loss and hair growth. And may i say; Its been POSITIVE RESULTS so far!

It was mind blowing and never was i as excited when i read this news (because i have curly hair and i have each and every problem above!)

Whats The Top Components in Sea Weed 

  1. alkaloids, flavonoids, triterpenoids, steroids, tannins, coumarins, terpenoids, quinine, phytosteroids and phlobatannins - Mostly its anti oxidant and for free radical protection
  2. chlorophyll and carotenoids
  3. High amount of minerals such as Na, K, Ni, Zn and Co 
  4. Strong anti microbial activity againts fungus and bacteria.

So What Does This mean? 

From the list of component found in the phytochemical constituents of seaweed; it shows that it has all the components available that is highly antioxidant, minerals that helps in promoting growth, and anti microbial activity against fungus. 

When it comes to hair products; this would translate to a healthier and stronger hair (thanks to the anti oxidant), higher hair growth with stronger roots (thanks to the minerals), and with the anti microbial activity; it would translate to reduction of dandruff (since dandruff is a fungal disease).

Whats My Take On It?

Ive read the phytochemical constituents (and im sorry if im not explaining better in layman but i really don wanna bore you guys so im just summarizing it); it was shown that all the different species of sea weed has most of these components. 

There was a study done in a korean seaweed on hair growth and it clearly shows that using seaweed in haircare products really works and its comparable with the two FDA approved drugs for alopecia (minoxidil and finasteride). 

And in a culture study; it also showed inhibition of fungus (means it can reduce dandruff too); 

Therefore; looking at these studies and positive feedback; ive decided to try it out in our hair care products (no harm what.)

But if you ask me if this is like a 100% results; that i would say there is more studies should be done in this field. 

So far it looks promising but since the studies wasnt done on larger population; we cant really say definately that sea weed helps in promoting hair growth , or seaweed helps in reducing dandruff. 

For that; more studies need to be done.

But as for if we should use the seaweed extract in our products; i would say go for it. 

With all these promising results; maybe; just maybe this would work. For how long; no idea. 

Theres still lots of trial and errors to be done here unfortunately. But no harm trying.. 

Hope this helps in you deciding wether or not to incorporate seaweed extract into your haircare product. 

For me; im trying. Checkout the next post for our recipes ya.. 


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