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Why I Dont Do ‘Live’ Videos Or Show My Face To Social Media?

Last weekend i was teaching a formulation class when a student asked why am i not doing live videos to share my knowledge. 

Like why do i write only and not video because malaysian’s are so called more ‘audio visual type’ rather than ‘readers’. And throughout the years many asked me that too. 

And heres my answer to it: coz i don’t like my personal space to be invaded. 

If you go to any marketing seminar (since 2016); all the ‘guru’s’ advises their students to do live video. Like that was the only ‘marketing way left🙄 It was like if you don’t do live; your business is ‘gone’.

And i did it during that time too. 

Yes i got more viewers; yes i got more ‘fans’. But heres the thing; along with it; i lost my privacy too. 

There were times ill get stopped by someone in public because they saw me in those videos. I literally couldnt go out in my comfy ‘pyjamas like clothes’ anymore. And there was this ‘tension’ that i had to do up my face just because i was a ‘founder’ i had to look like one. I just couldnt be ‘myself’. It was like a whole identity loss😓 

It sounds ‘normal’ initially; but then there was also this fear for my kids after that. 

Not everyone online is genuine. Some stalkers are online too. And a friend, who is quite ‘famous’ online and loves to video her kids, almost got her kid kidnap in school 😞

So yea; this is the reason why i don’t share my face. I fear for my privacy. 

Not everything is about business and profit. Sometimes; we have got to think about what we want in life and design it that way. 

When i started this business; it was purely because i wanted to spread the right way to formulate things. Being a ‘centre’ where safe cosmetics are taught. Then slowly we expended to manufacturing. 

I never wanted to be ‘famous’ and have ‘crazy fans’ and so im just gona keep it that way.

Besides; im glad that i started writing; because it brought out this inner writer in me. Still learning, but I never knew i could write! 



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