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Hair Drop. Why? We Are Probably Not Washing It Right!

One of the most commonly asked question is this. If hair drops a lot what to do?

So now the thing that we have to ‘investigate’ is if your hair drop is it due to hormonal reason; or is it because of external factors?

If its hormonal reason (after delivery, or old age menapause etc); then it isnt something that your haircare product can ‘help’. Hormonal hair drop is quite common and usually it is due to hormones. So regardless of what expensive hair product you use; it isnt gona help. So stop wasting your money on it and go meet a specialist for consultation ( usually gynae to correct your hormones, and if after that still hair drop; meet a dermatologist to get your scalp checked and prescribed with hormone related alopecia meds like minoxidil/ fenestreride).

Now if it isnt hormone related (means you are not post 6 months delivery or not undergoing menapause); then its probably due to your external factors such as hair care products.

Heres one phrase that i hear all the time; ,my scalp is oily but my hair is dry. Do you know why? Because we have been washing our hair/scalp wrongly!

How many of you when you wash your hair are actually washing only hair and not scalp? Dont be shy! Let me knw! Im guilty too!

The truth is; our scalp is ‘alive’ and so thats what needs the washing the most. Our hair on the other hand is ‘dead’ so it doesnt really require a ‘soap’ wash. Only rinse and conditioning will do! But our scalp; its exactly like all our other skin part (like face). It requires contact cleaning so that its clean and not ‘blocked pores’.

To do that; one will require to put the shampoo directly on the scalp (not hair) and ‘scrub’ the scalp.

When you do this constantly; then your pores will unblock and eventually will reduce your hair falls.

For hair; you dont really have to wash it as often as scalp. Probably once or twice a week is enough. The other times; you could actually co wash it with a conditioner or a mask (if you have very dry frizzy hair). When you wash your hair; it strips the hair off the natural oil; creating dryer hair. Since our hair is ‘dead’ it cant reproduce more oil = dryer and dryer hair. 

Hence co washing it with conditioner/mask would be better because these products are made using oils and it will ‘stick’ to the hair shaft making it smoother and more managable. Since adding all ‘oil’ is ‘yucky’ and sticky; hence the more water soluble conditioner / mask is made; so that you can rinse off anything that didnt stick to the hair shaft.

The next hair wash (shampoo) will remove these oils and so on; creating a more managable hair.

So if you have a lot of hair fall that is not hormone related; try this. Wash your scalp often using a sulfate free shampoo (because they are milder) regularly, and cowash your hair with a conditioner/mask thats silicone free to coat your dry hair so it becomes more managable. Do not shampoo your hair!

Regular shampoo usually have a usual flip cap which is difficult to apply to hair. Get a nozzle (like the ones used in salon for dye-ing hair) and pour your shampoo in it; or use a small pump (like the one we use in Fresshhh products) and pump directly on your scalp so that the shampoo gets to your scalp instead of hair. 

Wash it regularly; but not your hair. Try it and see if you notice any different. 

Additionally; add some moisture retaining product so that your scalp is always hydrated (i love HA on my scalp) this way; in probably few months; you will notice baby hairs growing and your hair will grow at faster rate too!

Try it.. you never know:-) it helped me a lot.


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