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How To Know What Business To Start?

Heres one question i get asked a lot when it comes to wanting to start a business: How Do I Start?How To Know what business to start?  

And my answer is always the same; ask the people around you what they want! For me; there is no use coming out with the best possible product if no one wants it. Seriously!

Ive had so many people who takes a year to come out with best possible product (for them). They get all the lab tests done, they spend thousands to get it created in a factory (to get the GMP and NOT from ministry of health); but when finally its released; no one buys them. For a simple reason; there is no demand for such product!

But today lets take it further; lets talk about what business should you do in the first place. And the easiest; lets start with something you already have. It doesn't need to be skincare/soap/ cosmetics. It can be anything.

Im preety sure you are good at something. Something people always talk about. Maybe you are a good cook, or maybe you bake well, or maybe you sew well, or you give awesome advice, or if you are a student of soaplab: the knowledge you have is enough go start teaching basic classeS. 

You can do anything with these knowledge. Teach, bake, start class, start taking wholesale orders for soaps etc. So many things.

Really! Just start with what you have! You don have to spend so much to start! 

Stop overthinking; Stop procrastinating! Just do it💪🏻

Start Where You Are;

Use What You Have;

Do What You Can

-Arthur Ashe

Good Luck! 


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